Pricing + Services


Information Technology services starting at $125/hour.


Dastabase Design/Programming

$125/hour — Your data, your way. Don’t settle for off the shelf software that forces you to conform to its rules. BlockOne creates a solution that works the way you do.,

“Your Cloud” Work, virutally, anywhere!

Variable Pricing. No longer for the “big boys” only. Learn why the Cloud is the place to be—now and why busienss of all shapes and sizes are moving there. We’ll design and implement a Cloud-based system specific to your business needs.

Backup. Safe Secure. Versioned.

Starting at $50/mo. — Imagine all of your data, all versions of your data, safe, secure protected—no matter what. Now imagine EASY access to your backup files and speedy recovery when needed. We make IT happen. 

IT Management Services

$125.00/hr. or contractural — Need expert IT support for your exisitng infrastructure? We provide on-site, off-site support for all operating systems.

Technology Master Planning

$150/hour — Don’t where to start? Are you a new business with limited time and resources? There are hundres of choices—We have the experince and knowledge to guide you to the best hardware/software for your business.


Varies — Not only do we guide you to the best solutions for your business—we can procure, install & implement your technology plan.

Router/VP/Remote Access Mgt.

Monthly/Varies — Do you have a complex network? Remote Workers? VPN(s)? We can manage your router and remote services to give you the absolute performance.


$Varies — Voice Over IP has finally matured into a reliable communications options for businesses big and small. We can help you select the best option for your business and implement it.

Web Services

Varies —We partner with a select group of vendors—that we use oursleves—to provide trusted solutions that work. Google for Business. Microsoft. AWS. Azure, Airtable. Are a few examples. We help you weed through the multiple offerings for the one that works best for your business.