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From your desktop to the Cloud we help you build and manage a solution that fits your business. Now partnering with Entvas—a premiere Cloud services provider—BlockOne is uniquely positioned to service and support your small business. When it’s time to upgrade, we can help. When you’re ready to explore the Cloud—we can help.
If you need a custom database solution to run your business—we can help. If you’re starting a new buiness and need guidance to select the best tools—we can help!


Our Services

End-to-End IT Services. Complete Cloud Computing Services. Custom database design. Network implementation & management. Remote computing. Security detection management. On-Site/Off-Site Technical support.

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What Is IT?

Information Technology, “IT” has been used as a catch-all term for “computer stuff” for many years. We like a narrower definition: the technology you need to aquuire and the use the information necessary run & grow your business.

Monthly Dispatches

We are curious, inquisitive—always in search of the best technology solutions for small business. As we discover and research emerging products & services, we’ll keep you informed. When it’s time to implement new ides—we’ll let you know. 



We’re a small business that focuses on small business. We understand the IT needs of small business from 30 years of experience in technology.


BlockOne. We’re IT.

Your trusted technology advisors. We analyze, recommend and implement the solution that best fits your business.

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Support & Service. Priority One.

We insure that the services & prooducts you select to manage your business deliver on their promise. Becuase we deliver on ours: at BlockOne your success is our success.